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Over time, mortar deteriorates resulting in ugly cracks and making a structure more susceptible to damage.  The process of tuckpointing bricks is one that most people are unfamiliar with.  It entails removing old mortar located in the joints around bricks and replacing it with new mortar. To make it more visually appealing, black and white lines are placed around the bricks.  Kelvin and his team have worked diligently over the years to become experts at this process in the Sydney and NSW Region.  They possess the skill level, attention to detail, and superior workmanship that is necessary for this project to turn out beautifully.

This Tuck Point procedure is comparable to repointing, a grinding and pointing system.  The only difference is that the bricks are cleaned before pointing occurs.  White lines (Tuck) are applied to the brick’s outline and a waterproof sealant is applied as the final step for protection from the elements.  

Tuckpointing has several benefits 

It enables the brickwork to be restored to its original condition.  Additionally, it reestablishes the building’s integrity, protects the structure from damage that can occur due to water gathering behind the bricks, and enhances the look of the building.

After tuckpointing has been completed on your structure, the overall value will be increased.  This is the result of enhancing your building’s historic charm and maintaining your building’s history.  If you live in the Central Coast area including Sydney, Hunter Valley, or New Castle, please call us today.  We will assist your home in regaining its beautiful appearance.   

Here is a stunning example of a property before and after Tuckpointing:

Further examples of our Tuckpointing projects:

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